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The Epic Adventure Awaits

Embark on a twisted journey of magical discovery, forbidden love, thrilling action and shocking revelations in the mind-blowing epic fantasy series, The Legend of the Seven Sages.

Book I:

The Kin of Caladen

After his wife contracts a demon plague, Gabrel Caladen leaves his home to find a magical cure. But when he and his two brothers learn their city faces annihilation, they must do something they're even less cut out for than fighting ancient beasts or surviving enchanted strongholds. They must become ambassadors.

Book II:

The Blade of Origin

Gabrel and his brothers have survived Lord Daro’s devastation. But in order to contest him, they must rally the nations of their war-torn world, and acquire the very tool of their creation—the Blade of Origin.

Book III:

The Gem of Genesis

Coming soon.